Game Modes & Levels

UBR offers a variety of game modes and levels, providing endless fun and challenge. Our team is constantly updating and improving our game modes and levels, so you’ll never run out of new and exciting challenges to conquer.

Team Death Match Mode

Two teams are competing in an epic match. Shot players are automatically revived in 5 seconds and rejoin their team. Players can easily switch between three weapons:

        • Dual Wielding Pistols
        • Assault Rifle
        • SMG

Players also get killstreak powerups as they advance in the game, that is the more they kill without dying, the more powers received:

        • Laser sight (3 kills)
        • X-Ray (5 Kills)
        • Shield (7 Kills)

Players assist each other as hordes of zombies attack their base. Zombies attack from windows, doors, and even roof openings. Waves of zombies get stronger over time, and players must upgrade or purchase new weapons to match the incoming onslaught. Thankfully, the zombies are relatively slow and only attack with their bare hands. With 10 waves, the players are guaranteed 15 minutes of fun. Players can purchase and upgrade 4 different weapons:

        • Dual Wielding Pistols (default)
        • SMG
        • Machine Gun
        • Shot Gun 

CO-OP Zombie Mode

Game Maps

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